Nick Fouriezos

Nick Fouriezos writes thought leadership for Fortune 500 brands, web3 companies, and VC firms, including Variant Fund, ConsenSys, Filecoin, and Pfizer. He has more than a decade of experience as a journalist, including bylines in the New York Times and USA Today, covering two presidential campaigns, and reporting stories from all 50 US states and six continents.

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Here’s why teachers are taking their students into the metaverse

Educational institutions are entering the metaverse, using fully immersive experiences paired with virtual reality tech to engage students in schools across the world. The potential to reach hundreds of millions of learners worldwide is making their investment well worth it, as educators embrace extended reality to reach them.


How charities are using the metaverse to reach donors and those in need

Non-profits are increasingly using virtual worlds to create deeper connections and more immersive experiences for the people they serve, while also forging more meaningful relationships with donors. Nick Fouriezos speaks to charity leaders and the experts they rely on to understand what engagement looks like in the digital age.


Why charities and NFTs are natural partners

Non-profits and web3 organisations can work together to organically build support for key endeavours, with charities getting access to a new generation of donors and blockchain projects enhancing their ability to build community and do good for the world.


Charity's Next Generation of Donors gets Unlocked with Web3

The demographics of giving are changing, with younger donors who increasingly identify as philanthropists donating more, and more often, than past generations. This new wave of donors coincides with major adopters of blockchain-based web3 technologies, presenting an opportunity to engage a particularly generous and dedicated donor base.

Today’s influence

“I think we’re in the midst of a digital art revolution” — Adrian Pocobelli

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