Greg Larson

Greg is an author and copywriter who's ghostwritten and edited more than 30 books, including Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellers. His most recent book, 'Clubbie', was featured in Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, and CBS Sports. In crypto, he's most curious about sustainable gaming economies and real-world NFT use cases.

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Home shopping: in the future, you'll go to the store in extended reality

Emperia is using virtual reality to enhance the luxury e-commerce experience. Focused on bridging the gap between the virtual and the real, Emperia draws out the best of both worlds. Greg Larson explains how the platform is shaping the metaverse to make it actionable for brands.


How P2E gaming could be saved with the right economic model

A stable in-game economy is the white knight of web3 gaming. The key to a sustainable play-to-earn game lies in the right economic model, but nobody has cracked the code. Greg Larson explores how a forgotten currency from 1930s Austria could provide the answer.


Inside the company revitalising legacy TV with web3

TV studios are exploring how they can use NFTs to invigorate their legacy IP. Greg Larson speaks to Tony Pearce to discover how Reality+ are giving Doctor Who and Thunderbirds new leases of life in web3. For Doctor Who, it's a chance to grow the world's longest sci-fi series. For Thunderbirds, NFTs are breathing new energy into a show that stopped rolling in the 1960s.


What Play-to-Earn gaming got wrong, and how to fix the broken industry

Few sectors have experienced as much volatility in the past 12 months as web3 gaming. The sector became particularly associated with scams and speculation, and has a long way back to regain the trust, participation, and wallets of gamers. Greg Larson explains what needs to change.

Today’s influence

 “I think the work that stands out in web3 are those unique, fearless voices that finally have a place to shine” — Brandon Mighty

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