David Harrington

David is an independent writer working at the intersection of decentralised technology, culture, and commerce. His writing has been featured in media outlets such as Forbes Technology Council and Tech in Asia, and he loves telling unique stories about the transformative potential of web3. His current interests include decentralised science, NFT sports collectibles, and creator-owned economies.

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Where Stani Kulechov is looking next to make blockchain mainstream

What's the secret to making the internet a fairer place? According to Stani Kulechov, it's blockchain. One of web3's leading entrepreneurs, he's the founder of social media protocol Lens and billion-dollar DeFi market Aave. Stani tells us how blockchain is going to transform the internet into a place for choice and genuine human connection.


How digital architecture is improving our physical reality

Venezuelan-born architect Rebeca Ramos founded RARE, an experience-led phygital design studio, to showcase the limitless possibilities that emerging technology offers architecture to further enrich our lived experiences.


Why Tim Exile thinks blockchain can unlock new genres of music (and musicians)

Blockchain helps people coordinate over the internet. Tim Exile just asked 'what could this mean for music?' He tells David Harrington why web3 can elevate musical collectives and empower new types of artists. All by reinventing how music gets made.


The chase to save horse racing – and what NFTs mean for horses

Horse racing is an ageing industry. Stables wants to completely reimagine the narrative by connecting real horses to fan-owned NFTs. David Harrington speaks to founder Constantin Garreau about attracting new audiences, growing a community, and forging experiences that last for decades.


Early brand experiments give a hint on the next chapter for web3

The metaverse is the future of the internet and the brands that don’t embrace it will be left behind. Providing experiences and opportunities that are more unique and exciting than those in the real world, it is unsurprising that major brands are getting involved.


Inside the blockchain fan groups transforming pro sports

Web3 presents an opportunity to reinvent how fans interact with their passions, not least in sport, where teams are finding new ways to bring fans into the action. David Harrington explores how teams from motorsports to sailing are finding new opportunities in web3.

“I can try new things with digital art in a fearless way” — Brandon Mighty

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