Here’s why teachers are taking their students into the metaverse

Educational institutions are entering the metaverse, using fully immersive experiences paired with virtual reality tech to engage students in schools across the world. The potential to reach hundreds of millions of learners worldwide is making their investment well worth it, as educators embrace extended reality to reach them.


Will extended reality kill live music shows – or make them even better?

Live performance is a $10bn industry that attracts 30 million concertgoers every year. Is the metaverse going to kill it? Clovis McEvoy talks with some of the best builders in extended reality about making concerts accessible, giving power back to artists, and creating opportunities limited only by imagination.


How charities are using the metaverse to reach donors and those in need

Non-profits are increasingly using virtual worlds to create deeper connections and more immersive experiences for the people they serve, while also forging more meaningful relationships with donors. Nick Fouriezos speaks to charity leaders and the experts they rely on to understand what engagement looks like in the digital age.


Home shopping: in the future, you'll go to the store in extended reality

Emperia is using virtual reality to enhance the luxury e-commerce experience. Focused on bridging the gap between the virtual and the real, Emperia draws out the best of both worlds. Greg Larson explains how the platform is shaping the metaverse to make it actionable for brands.


Webaverse: creating a metaverse platform that's open to everyone

With $120bn investment in 2022, the metaverse has soared ahead of the crypto space. But with attention from major players like Facebook and Microsoft, it's natural to worry how original the technology will be. Randy Ginsburg dives into Webaverse, the democratised, interoperable, and cross-platform software that CEO Ahad Shams plans to turn into the operating system of the open metaverse.


Why a designer for Apple and Justin Bieber turned to blockchain for the next step in his career

Born to a technical botanical artist and a stained-glass window painter, Kidmograph has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Apple, his digital art and 3D GIFs portraying futuristic and acid-inducing surrealism. He speaks to Steph Kunkel about experimenting with a plethora of mediums, his creative approach, and why NFTs are a much needed innovation.

Today’s influence

“Blockchain as a new medium gives you so many different possibilities” — Noortje Stortelder

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