Showing off: can NFT status symbols drive mainstream adoption?

When will digital ownership go mainstream? What are the cultural vehicles that can make this possible? Where are the roadblocks? Ben Roy makes it his business to consider such questions, and he sat down with Leo Nasskau to offer some answers. Clovis McEvoy tells the story.


A new roadmap for musicians: how web3 is transforming what it means to tour

Having wrapped up a North American tour earlier this year, singer-songwriter Rae Isla is pioneering a new approach to sharing music. She speaks with Clovis McEvoy about tokenised touring, what makes good memorabilia, and the importance of an artist’s community.


Why changemakers of the future will build their movement on blockchain

Tina He is the co-founder and CEO of Station Labs, a web3 tool built to help community leaders grow their communities and achieve real change. She tells Leo Nasskau about why the world is heading towards an increasingly niche cultural landscape, the role of tokens in holding everything together, and how to build communities in a way that scales and works for everyone.


Can web3 change film financing?

Traditional methods of film-funding leave much to be desired. With it being almost impossible for proposals to gain backing from big, studio executives, filmmakers are often relegated to low-value crowdfunding. Web3 is providing an alternative solution. Dominique Roy discusses Hollywood gatekeeping, and how web3 is making the filmmaking industry more accessible.

Today’s influence

“Art is just intention, a reason: what are you expressing?” — Julie Pacino

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