Managing Bias: How to Forge a World of Responsible AI

Bias in artificial intelligence is almost inescapable, but so is AI itself. Reducing and mitigating that bias is the challenge. Randy Ginsburg speaks with AI experts about managing the risks of AI bias and how to champion responsible AI adoption.


Technology creates a thousand futures, culture determines which one we take

The interplay between technology and culture is underrated. Leo Nasskau explains why technology creates a thousand futures, but culture determines which one we take.


Why Elon Musk and top AI researchers have called to pause ‘giant AI experiments’

Artificial intelligence has shot into the global discourse after increasingly fast progress in the field. That progress has come too fast, argue a group of AI researchers and business leaders led by Elon Musk, Yuval Noah Harari, and Steve Wozniak, creating the potential for an ever accelerating and ever riskier race to deploy advanced AI systems that society already does not fully understand.


Nathaniel Stern on creating a cyber-natural future on the blockchain

For Nathaniel Stern, life extends far further than the human experience. Connecting the dots between human feeling, nature, and technology, he explores the endless bounds of sensibility through his art. He speaks to Ola Kalejaye about The World After Us, and using art to ensure that world is good.

Today’s influence

“Anything that behaves as a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency. It doesn’t matter if it’s people, data, or money” — Ginni Rometty

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