Latin America


Amidst financial crisis, crypto is empowering women in Latin America

Latin America faces some of the highest inflation rates in the world. An ever increasing amount of the continent’s governments are embracing crypto to help tackle this issue. Meanwhile, crypto is providing a new way for Latin American women to gain financial independence. Preetam Kaushik explores the reasons behind the initiative and speaks with some of the companies driving it forward.


Panter Xhita on how cryptoart has leaped her career forward

Panter Xhita has made waves in the crypto art space and has collaborated with CoinGecko and CoinDesk to bring her unique style to a broader audience. She speaks to Nina Knaack about equalising opportunities for artists across the world and documenting the history of cryptoart.


“NFTs revolutionised art. In my particular case, they changed my life” — in conversation with Anibal Argañaraz

Blending traditional oil techniques with digital tools, Anibal Argañaraz is a leading figure in the digital expressionism style. The Argentine artist sat down with Georgie Miller to explore the layers of meaning in his art and why NFTs are a revolution that changed his life.


“If this doesn’t work, I’m going to forget about my art dream forever” — how web3 helped Foleee fall in love with drawing again

Foleee’s natural talent helped him stand out in his youth, but over time, it gave way to career necessity. Speaking to Ola Kalejaye, Foleee explains how web3 helped him rediscover his love of drawing.

Today’s influence

“We didn’t intend to be a DAO; the DAO tools were the best tools to accomplish what we wanted to accomplish” — Jonathan Hillis

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