Synthetic Hollywood: a future with no actors?

There's no doubt that AI will transform Hollywood. But how will an industry built on the simulation of life grapple with its responsibility to 'the real' — and will it even bother?


“I call it the degen-aissance” — in conversation with Josh Wagner

For 100 years cinema has been controlled by the suits, wielding their power over what gets made, when it gets made and who profits. Josh Wagner is on a mission to blaze a new path that favours creators over committees, community over control, and participation over profits. He speaks with Mark Fielding about Virtue Animation, the Basemint Gang and the future of animation.


Film3 and the woman driving a blockchain movement to revolutionise Hollywood

Jordan Bayne is the shining inspiration behind web3's attempts to upturn the filmmaking industry, inspire under-represented voices, and leverage community-led IP to tell completely new stories. She speaks to Mark Fielding about the film3 movement, and why it changes everything for filmmakers.


How film maker Julie Pacino is using blockchain to chart a new future for Hollywood

Julie Pacino is making a name for herself in the NFT space, and is making a name for film3 in the future of cinema too. She spoke to Misan Harriman about finding her true self and re-wiring the film industry. Léa Rose Emery tells the story.


How poet and actor Laurence Fuller is changing how Hollywood tells stories

An actor, poet, producer, and composer, Laurence Fuller is part of a community of artists carving out space for poetry in web3. He sat down with Leo Nasskau to talk about the interplay between culture, poetry, film, and web3. Léa Rose Emery tells the story.

Today’s influence

“There’s a huge opportunity to make every person into whatever they want to be; that’s what web3 is enabling with tokens” — Naval Ravikant

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