How virtual worlds are reshaping the Ivy League education

When a Harvard Senior Fellow told Mark Fielding that every university dean was a fan of the metaverse, he had to find out how they're using extended reality to reinvent university education. What he learnt was how classrooms without walls can transform the university experience.


AI like Chat GPT can transform education, but only if we listen to the children

As millions of people add artificial intelligence to their workflows, thousands of schools have banned the world’s most popular AI tools like ChatGPT. That’s despite tests proving that AI teaching assistants can have a major impact. Activist Okezue Bell argues that we need to reimagine how education and EdTech work to make the most of artificial intelligence.


Here’s why teachers are taking their students into the metaverse

Educational institutions are entering the metaverse, using fully immersive experiences paired with virtual reality tech to engage students in schools across the world. The potential to reach hundreds of millions of learners worldwide is making their investment well worth it, as educators embrace extended reality to reach them.


The communities that want to upgrade your game in web3

You can't make the most of web3 with just a cursory overview. That's why platforms to help you dive deep on how you can use the tech to engage with the world are critical. Randy Ginsburg explores the top platforms and communities dedicated to taking web3 education behind the explainer.


Education redefined: how augmented reality is changing the way we learn

The global EdTech market is expected to reach over $230 billion by 2028, with over $20 billion of institutional investment in 2021 alone. AR will, without question, play a big part in this growth. Randy Ginsburg explores how augmented reality is already changing the world of education and what to expect in the future.

Today’s influence

“Web3 allows artists to create a direct to fan relationship, and to reward that fan” — omgkirby

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