Climate crisis


Can virtual reality solve climate change?

Researchers are increasingly looking to virtual reality to explain the climate crisis in new, impactful ways. From ecotourism to education to direct action, Clovis McEvoy explores how VR is cutting through the noise to communicate the planet’s greatest issue.


Powering $100 billion already, Sam Duncan is using AI to make capitalism care about the climate

The quest to make companies care about the climate is a decades-long struggle, but technology, particularly AI, represents a transformative opportunity to put a company's net purpose in the same conversation as their net profit. The secret? Follow the money.


Spexi: building a fly-to-earn drone economy

Bill Lakeland has long dreamt of building a network of drones to capture important earth imagery. He’s using the blockchain to bring his vision to life. Randy Ginsburg dives into Spexigon, the fly-to-earn platform bringing a new model to the aerial imagery industry.


“This is a chance for everyone who has an activist heart to do something” – Inna Modja on art and activism in web3

Inna Modja has forged a path all of her own, combining an array of art forms with a hands-on approach to activism. The Malian singer spoke with Leo Nasskau about the power of storytelling, web3 philanthropy, and why she believes the space will continue to flourish. Clovis McEvoy tells the story.

Today’s influence

“That anyone anywhere in the world can have access through DeFi is a very powerful thing”— Vitalik Buterin

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