Inside the reinvention of co-living communities

Throughout history, humans have organised in communities. From nomadic tribes to 21st century metropolises, common geography, economy, and culture has always made for a community. With thousands of members who coordinate with a token, Cabin is reinventing what that looks like.


Taste is the new skill: Claire Silver on the future of AI-driven culture

Claire Silver is one of the most established AI-collaborative artists on the planet, and a leading pioneer of our AI-powered creative future.


How Cherie Hu pioneered a new way to understand the world

Water & Music has established itself as the first port of call for anyone looking to understand the modern music industry. Founder and editor, Cherie Hu, talks to Clovis McEvoy about the benefits of decentralisation, their new focus on education, and the importance of bringing virtual communities into the physical world.


Culture3 Time Horizons: Looking Ahead to 2023

The 2020s promises to be a breakout decade for web3. We explore the top ten applications of the tech to emerge in 2023 and beyond, and chart when they're likely to make their mark. Read the full list to learn why we're optimistic about NFT ticketing, music licensing, zero-knowledge proofs, and more.


How change happens in web3 – and how to predict the next chapter for blockchain

The collective aim of cryptocurrency began as a decentralised global currency. But on the road to becoming a multi-trillion dollar sector, what was once a small subculture has become a highly diverse ecosystem. Paul Dylan-Ennis explores the core principles that govern how change happens in web3.


“There's a real sense of belonging” — tech, community, and culture with Sian Morson

Sian Morson has spent her career championing community and diversity. But she’s also a technologist who knows how to leverage tech to have a cultural impact. She sat down with Leo Nasskau to discuss making tech accessible, authentic communities, and The Blk Chain. Lea Rose Emery tells the story.


How DAOs are bringing investing onto the blockchain

DAOs make it easy for people to pool funds over the internet. Investment DAOs are one of the most obvious and impactful uses of that unique feature of web3. Jason Levin explores how the sector is taking shape and the key actors to watch.


What is the 'open metaverse'? These blockchain companies have different answers

A metaverse owned by companies taking a cut will never reach its full potential. Open metaverses built on decentralised blockchains unlock new possibilities for creativity and commerce that would not be realised in a centralised experience. Randy Ginsburg contrasts two organisations building the early stages of that vision.

Today’s influence

"Blockchain is a technological tour de force" — Bill Gates

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