Chris Wallace’s plan to bring Hollywood production quality to web3

Exploring environmental issues through decentralised storytelling, Chris Wallace has brought a fresh take to web3 with his Woodies community. He speaks to Leo Nasskau about why decentralised IP is going to transform entertainment and why crypto art is a grail worth protecting. Clovis McEvoy tells the story.


“Awareness is the currency of reality” – Jimmy Edgar on provocative art, NFTs, and why attention is all you need

Jimmy Edgar has always been a provocateur. With over twenty years at the forefront of experimental music, he doesn't think music NFTs are worth getting excited about. He speaks to Clovis McEvoy about his creative practice, why everything was really all about visual art, and how AI has allowed him to subvert his own aesthetics.


Mona opens the door to a new medium for architecture

Mona's aim has always been to empower creating, collecting, and sharing virtual experiences at the intersection of the metaverse, extended reality, and blockchain. Nina Knaack speaks to co-founder Justin Melillo about the evolution his platform and why virtual experiences are worth getting excited about.


How AI is changing the role of artists

Artificial intelligence presents immense challenge and opportunity to artists, and the change looks today as if it could impact every step in the artistic process. Randy Ginsburg speaks to Francien Krieg, Artificial Bob, and Henry Daubrez to investigate how they use AI today and how they feel about its future impact.


Wise Sigma Toad takes us inside the mind of an NFT community manager

An “art spectator”, web3 enthusiast, and a Community Manager at Objkt, Wise brings a wealth of expertise and advice from helping artists navigate the web3 space to building a better user experience. Speaking to Steph Kunkel, she shares her journey, thoughts on what’s next for cryptoart, and what artists need to do to stand out.

Today’s influence

“Business leaders and heads of state know that eventually, blockchain is going to come to pass” — Zain Verjee

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