How Objkt became the dominant home for digital art on the blockchain

Steph Kunkel
January 18, 2023
“I want to highlight artists through Objkt that are from different walks of life” — Cabline

Objkt's lead curator, Cabline, is on a mission to promote emerging artists and welcome new collectors onto the Tezos platform. Using the power of web3, Cabline is making the art world more accessible, one NFT at a time.

From art enthusiast, to lawyer, to one of the most important curators in web3, Cabline’s journey in web3 encompasses her passion for diversifying the art world. 

Growing up in Versailles, France with a family full of art enthusiasts, Cabline has held a natural affinity for art since she can remember. Inspired particularly by her grandfather, who was an art historian, Cabline sought to plot a path that combined expressive and intellectual pursuits. After passing the bar exam, she explains that she spent some years working as a lawyer before coming across web3 in 2021. “It was the first time, outside of my family, that I actually met other people who had the same interests as me,” she recalls.

“NFTs made art accessible.”

— Cabline

As a woman on a mission to support under-represented artists, NFTs were a game changer for Cabline. “NFTs made art accessible. Anyone can see a mint, whether to buy or view. Everyone is invited to enjoy the art and become a part of the web3 experience,” she says. Before working for Objkt, Cabline curated her own collections to elevate “artists who don’t make a lot of sales, despite being talented.”

Her collections feature a wide range of genres and mediums, including generative art, AI art, paintings, illustrations, animations, poetry, music, retro futuristic cyberpunk styles, alternate reality videos, and fashion art. With an interest in all genres, Cabline appreciated the versatility, influence, and experience that web3 offered.

Calma, by Manoloide, is Cabline's favourite piece to have ever collected. Unfortunately, she had to sell it due to the cost of living crisis.

“Posting a picture of a painting on social media doesn’t have the same effect as NFTs,” she remarks. “When you buy an NFT, you feel a sense of belonging in the community, a community that I, personally, did not find in the physical art world.” More than anything, Cabline wanted to be a part of elevating the web3 community and helping emerging artists to share their art with the world.

After months of finding and promoting under-represented artists online, Cabline decided that she wanted to pursue a career in the web3 art scene. She interviewed with Objkt, which consisted of only three founders at the time, and was in need of a curator with a background first and foremost in the art world. She got the job.

Wanting to incorporate some elements of her social media experience into her new job, one of Cabline’s early contributions was to curate mini exhibitions on the Objkt homepage. “All of the featured pieces need to have something in common, whether it be texture, shape, or colour — there needs to be cohesion,” Cabline says, noting that this is one of the most important aspects of her job.

“I recently started to highlight more established artists because new web3 collectors are always joining the community, but my focus is still on emerging artists, as they need more support. I want to highlight artists through Objkt that are from different walks of life.”

Inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility are key features that are prominent in Tezos, as well as being the the focal point of Cabline’s work. “Tezos is great because it makes it possible for artists to mint since it’s accessible for everyone, which allows for more diversity of artists.”

A reinterpretation of the 'The Lovers' Tarot card, Kiss of Life, by Mario Klingemann, is one of Cabline’s favourite artworks.

The Objkt team is currently experimenting with various ideas to grow and become more inclusive. “A lot can be done in terms of artist discoverability through features and coordination within the community,” she explains. “We are excited to explore how we can help to dramatically enhance artists' discoverability.”

Through the evolution of Objkt, from a user to the marketplace's most senior curator, Cabline continues her mission to help talented artists around the world. “It doesn’t matter whether you are an introvert or extrovert, rich or poor, no matter your ethnicity, through web3 you can easily experience art, wherever you are.” NFTs make art accessible from every corner of the world, allowing each of us a chance to experience this new age of art, powered by web3. 

“I want to highlight artists through Objkt that are from different walks of life.”

— Cabline

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