Claire Silver

Taste is the new skill: Claire Silver on the future of AI-driven culture
July 25, 2023
Leo Nasskau

Claire Silver is one of the most established AI-collaborative artists on the planet, and a leading pioneer of our AI-powered creative future.

Her art has been sold at Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses, can be found in the permanent collection of the world’s most prestigious museums, like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and most recently has been produced in a collaboration with luxury fashion house Gucci and Christie’s New York.

Playing a major role in shaping our AI intersects with our future, Claire is also a major thinker about how to ensure that this technology delivers a better, and more welcoming world for all. We discuss why the rapid growth of AI in art will continue to grow, how she uses AI to in her artistic process, why AI is so important as a platform both for individuals of all different backgrounds, but also as an unprecedent paradigm shift in human history.

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Leo is part of the founding team at Culture3. An award-winning editor, he is also the Chair of UniReach, an EdTech non–profit he founded whilst studying at the University of Oxford. He writes about technology, change, and culture.

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