Matt Medved

Traditional media is broken. Matt Medved wants to fix it with NFTs.
March 21, 2023
Leo Nasskau

A beloved DJ and even more successful editor, Matt Medved has led the cultural vanguard for decades. He entered the NFT space to elevate culture, much like he did at Billboard and SPIN in his pre-web3 life. The creator of Billboard Dance, he's now looking to turn his traditional media schooling upside down, as he tells Leo Nasskau his plan to reinvent it with NFTs.

Inspired by the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2013, it was half a decade later that he found uses of blockchain in areas where he had a genuine interest. Fortunately, he'd held onto his coins. Matt leapt into web3 with NFT Now, creating what is today the single most influential voice in the NFT sector across every faucet of culture.

He speaks to Leo Nasskau about how he finds cultural gems that go on to change the world, and why he believes that tokens, membership, and tighter communities will reshape the media landscape.

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Leo is part of the founding team at Culture3. An award-winning editor, he is also the Chair of UniReach, an EdTech non–profit he founded whilst studying at the University of Oxford. He writes about technology, change, and culture.

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