Julie Pacino

How Julie Pacino is helping define the film3 movement
May 31, 2022
Misan Harriman

"It's essentially web3-native IP that has inspired a movie.” Julie Pacino is making a name for herself in the NFT space, and is making a name for film3 in the future of cinema too.

Funding films through NFTs represents a completely new model for the industry, and Julie’s feature film, ‘Keepers of the Inn’ will be one of the first to be genuinely community-financed and community-influenced. Her photography collection of the same name consists of 3,356 NFTs, each representing a ticket to influence the creation of the film. 

The TIMEPieces photographer has become a leading creator in the web3 space after making the leap from Hollywood, where she was already a rising film-maker. She spoke with Misan Harriman about making the switch, and what it means to be a creative in a post-covid era. “It was a moment of realising the areas in which I could live a more truthful life.”

The wide-ranging discussion touches how the pandemic encouraged Julie to embrace the themes she wanted to explore around sexual identity and womanhood, the highs and lows of NFT Twitter, and what it will take to onboard the next wave of users to web3 — particularly under-represented voices.

Our favourite quote? “I think as web2 artists we are often conditioned to believe that our work has no value, that anyone who buys our work is doing us a favour” — web3 is helping us leave that world behind.

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Photographer, entrepreneur, and social activist Misan Harriman is one of the most widely-shared photographers of the Black Lives Matter movement. His striking images have featured in Vanity Fair, British Vogue, and People Magazine, amongst others. He is Chair of the Southbank Centre, Europe’s largest cultural venue, founder of the creative media agency WhatWeSeee, and has for a long time been a leading figure in web3.

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