Ebuka Mordi

How Ebuka Mordi became an Adobe photographer using just his iPhone
October 4, 2022

Ebuka Mordi prides himself in his ability to "pick up any device" and create an incredible image. To him, what matters is the method, rather than the tool.

Ten years ago, he picked up an iPod Touch and started shooting his friends at school. It was a hobby, and he knew the low-budget gear would never produce the same quality as a DSLR, so he developed an edge: post-production editing. From once charging $30 for 12 hours of work, Ebuka has now had features in Vogue Italia and advises Adobe on their Lightroom suite.

He's deeply knowledgeable and thoughtful about the NFT space. In this conversation, he talks to Signal about the method behind his rapid success in the space, and why web3 is a much better place to produce his work than in his native Nigeria.

Our favourite quote? “When I produce photos people don’t ask 'what was used to take this photo?' Instead they think 'how was this photo made?' I think those are two different questions. I focused on my editing techniques and it gave me confidence to pick up any device.”

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After a career in financial consulting in London, Sig directed her attention to blockchain technology and spent some time as a Solidity developer. Her work focuses on web3 because she believes in the opportunity for curious individuals to unlock their creative potential. Away from her computer she is passionate about long-distance running.

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