The Rise of AI Art and the Artists Shaping its Future, with ClownVamp
February 21, 2023

After buying Punk 9467, ClownVamp didn’t get the satisfaction that he expected. He’s since used the proceeds to collect thousands of AI artworks, whilst his own work has been collected by the likes of Claire Silver, Zancan, and the Tezos Foundation.

ClownVamp has become one of the leading lights in web3's AI art ecosystem, and a prolific creator, curator, and community builder. Better known as CV, he speaks to Signal about why AI art is in a boom era, how to collect it, and the leading and emerging AI artists to watch out for.

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After a career in financial consulting in London, Sig directed her attention to blockchain technology and spent some time as a Solidity developer. Her work focuses on web3 because she believes in the opportunity for curious individuals to unlock their creative potential. Away from her computer she is passionate about long-distance running.

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“Art is just intention, a reason: what are you expressing?” — Julie Pacino

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