Ana Maria Caballero

Ana Maria Caballero explains why the future of literature lies in NFTs
November 15, 2022
Leo Nasskau

Poems sell for thousands of dollars these days. That's what NFTs have done for one of the world's oldest, most underappreciated art forms. Ana Maria Caballero has played a key role in bringing about the change.

Traditionally a much smaller world than that of visual art or music, and less successful in the digital realm, poetry has found an enormous opportunity in web3, where poets can captivate audiences with visual aids and engaging delivery.

Few have done more for NFT poetry than Ana Maria Caballero, who first made her name winning national awards in her native Colombia, then internationally, and now in the metaverse as one of the most influential names in web3 poetry. She speaks in depth to Leo Nasskau about her poetry and what's coming next, her poetry collective theVERSEverse, and her journey in web3 (which includes winning an award from Playboy for her poem Vasectomy).

Our favourite quote? “It’s really challenging to juggle our dreams as artists, our roles as mothers or keepers of the home, and our responsibilities to a job. We can't separate our hopes, our dreams, our philosophical quest for meaning, from the logistics of living.”

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