Lord Truffington

“Community is a fundamental pillar of this new web3 world” — in conversation with Lord Truffington
June 28, 2022
Leo Nasskau

Truff to his friends, Lord Truffington is a trader turned collector, and he's on a mission to reinvent how collectors and creators find each other in the web3 space.

An entrepreneur who jumped into the NFT space as a trader in early 2020, Truff has seen all sides of the NFT market. But as the bull market rumbled on late that year and the successful trades began to accumulate, he began to explore the world of art for its own sake. Truffington is now an influential collector, known for his weekly curation in his Truff’s Truffles newsletter, diverse OnCyber galleries on Tezos and Ethereum, and his new project, nftcollectors.wiki, his collector database.

He’s an excellent visualiser of the art space, and he set down with Leo Nasskau to discuss precisely that: the two types of art markets, the flipping market and the collecting market, and how to think about both them. “Whatever you trade, the psychology of people in the market are the same, regardless of what their market is.”

The conversation focuses on NFTs in web3, including Truff’s close connection with his Bored Ape, and how community is crucial to every facet of the space, plus how he is trying to improve the collecting market through his collector database, to help artists and collectors find each other.

Our favourite quote? "NFTs creates something that before just was not possible. You don’t say ‘oh, I am part of the eBay community, because I’m a user of eBay’.”

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