How Four broke through to represent Nigerian culture in NFTs
August 9, 2022

Nine months ago, digital artist ‘Four’ knew nothing about NFTs. Yet, only halfway through 2022, he’s been featured on OpenSea’s Instagram, Twitter has purchased his work, and he’s earnt a spot on the invite-only art platform SuperRare.

The Nigerian-born artist discovered NFTs scrolling through OpenSea, analysing collections and artists. Collectibles were popular, but there was nothing from his home country that caught his attention. Four uses his artistic skills to represent his culture — intentionally, he’s taken on the responsibility to showcase Nigerian stories and traditions inherited from his ancestors.

His strategy to be distinct and intentional paid off as platforms like SuperRare acknowledged his work. In his discussion with Signal, he explains the tactics he used to breakthrough in the busy NFT space, the fight to legitimise digital artists, and the importance of doing something that you love.

Our favourite quote? “Culture isn’t something we can forgo. It is something that is given to us by our parents and teaches us morals.”

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After a career in financial consulting in London, Sig directed her attention to blockchain technology and spent some time as a Solidity developer. Her work focuses on web3 because she believes in the opportunity for curious individuals to unlock their creative potential. Away from her computer she is passionate about long-distance running.

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