Bharat Krymo

Bharat Krymo Explains how Blockchain and the Metaverse are Shifting the Cultural Paradigm
April 4, 2023
Leo Nasskau

Bharat Krymo's work at the metaverse platform OnCyber and as an art collector has made him one of the most influential sources of true insight in web3.

Bharat built his career in big tech, and instantly saw the opportunity of decentralised tools when he read the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2013. He’s since become a respected art collector, but always with an eye on broader trends in culture, technology, and where they meet in society.

He tells Leo Nasskau about what motivates him in web3, why the narrative and the network is what matters for creators, and how OnCyber is leveraging the metaverse to create the experiential platform of the future.

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Leo is part of the founding team at Culture3. An award-winning editor, he is also the Chair of UniReach, an EdTech non–profit he founded whilst studying at the University of Oxford. He writes about technology, change, and culture.

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