“Good things happen when you invest in good people” — Anonymoux on trading seven-figure art
October 18, 2022

In June 2021, Anonymoux bought into Justin Aversano’s Twin Flames at Sotheby's for 14eth. Two months later, he sold his piece for 506eth, netting $1.8m in the process.

Anonymoux is one of the world's most influential NFT collectors and traders. He's built a reputation for spotting – and supporting – artists and projects before they're picked up by anyone else, including artists like Patrick Amadon, Fewocious, and Monaris alongside collections CryptoPunks and OSF's rektguy.

He speaks to Signal about his strategy in the bull and the bear markets, his plan to front-run the MoMA as they begin a global pivot into digital art, and the lessons he's learnt from his best and worst trades.

Our favourite quote? “Justin went from being six figures in debt to where he is now. Collecting art is not going to change the world, but it’s fun to support an individual and see their lives change for the better.”

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After a career in financial consulting in London, Sig directed her attention to blockchain technology and spent some time as a Solidity developer. Her work focuses on web3 because she believes in the opportunity for curious individuals to unlock their creative potential. Away from her computer she is passionate about long-distance running.

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