Alex Salnikov

Rarible's Alex Salnikov on why everyone needs their own NFT marketplace
April 18, 2023
Leo Nasskau

Alex Salnikov has been a crypto-native since his university days, where he built one of the web3's first crypto exchanges. But he's better known as the co-founder of Rarible, one of the first marketplaces for NFTs. Focused on creators and its community right from the start in 2019, Rarible stands out as an NFT marketplace. He tells the Rarible story in this own words, and shares how the the marketplace is plotting a very different path that puts creativity and its core.

Ultimately, the vision is to become a toolbox that any creator, brand, or individual can use to create their own NFT marketplace, and Rarible tech is already powering the custom marketplaces for the world's mainstream brands and web3's leading communities alike.

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