Why 2023 will be the year of PROOF, with akaStevey
December 27, 2022

Web3 is defining new ways for how people can organise, coordinate, and achieve great things. PROOF is one of the leading case studies on how to build a web3 community, and how to have an impact. The community is build around celebrating art, connecting collectors, and activating creative entrepreneurship — and akaStevey (real name Amanda) has played a huge rule in bringing it to life.

She tells Signal about going from trading options with Wall Street Bets during the Game Stop saga to trading NFTs in the pandemonium of summer 2021, ultimately ending up at PROOF as their Head of Culture and Community. They talk about everything going on in the PROOF ecosystem, from Mythics and Grails Season 3 to CC0 decisions and the broader strategy.

Our favourite quote? "It's not just the art, it was the community."

Read the full article here.

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After a career in financial consulting in London, Sig directed her attention to blockchain technology and spent some time as a Solidity developer. Her work focuses on web3 because she believes in the opportunity for curious individuals to unlock their creative potential. Away from her computer she is passionate about long-distance running.

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