Culture3 Boot Camp :: “Focus on the Business Opportunity”

Learn the basics of the 8 Key Questions and doing business across cultures in a 1-2 day seminar, customized for you and your organization. This interactive workshop helps you better understand your own culture, how cultural values conflict, and how to build a cross-cultural skills development road map. This workshop will lead you through exercises assessing cultural differences, cross-cultural team building, management skills and relationship building.

Set up a Culture3 Boot Camp if you:

  • want to improve the effectiveness of cross-cultural teams and even create competitive advantage through the synergies of multiple perspectives

  • want to mitigate risk of damage to international relationships by team members who are insensitive to cultural differences

  • are a business expanding internationally for the first time or increasing your reach in the global market

  • have new products or services in culturally complex environments

  • are a corporate, educational or NGO employee eager to succeed on your first overseas assignment

Culture3 Team Experience :: “Focus on the Team”

Work through differences as a cross-cultural team in this 1/2- to 1-day workshop. Identify how team members’ diverse strengths combine to create growth opportunities. This interactive workshop builds on Culture3 Boot Camp, focusing on internal team processes and team assessment in creating and sustaining a stronger and more productive intercultural team.

Set up a Culture3 Team Experience if you:

  • want to turn cultural difference into advantage

  • want to develop effective cross-cultural team culture (third culture)

  • want to harness your own organization culture as a competitive advantage

Culture3 Enterprise :: “Focus on the Enterprise”

Identify the specific challenges and opportunities of a particular international endeavor. With a specific country or group of countries in mind, this interactive workshop builds on Culture3 Boot Camp. It provides country-specific, customized assessment, training, and development and talent management.

Set up a Culture3 Enterprise event if you:

  • Need country-specific business negotiation and business practice skills

  • Are leading short-term project teams

  • Are leading business expansion into another culture

Culture3 Webinars

Set up a custom 1- 2-hour webinar to cover specific topics with your team

Individual Coaching

Work one-on-one with expert Culture3 coaches either in person, by phone or Skype. Address individualized concerns and challenges. Improve your cross-cultural management/interaction skills.

Sub-Culture Training

Address cross-cultural issues within your organization. Cultural conflicts between disciplines within an organization may have as much effect on productivity as international cultures. Help your teams to create a third culture where their differences are celebrated and synergies are created. Use any of the training structures from the Boot Camp to webinars.